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Taking Care of Mom – What’s Her Next Move?

During Mother’s Day month, the attention is focused on the loving women who’ve raised us. Your love for your mom may never waver, or your care. According to U.S. News & World Report, about 17% of adult children care for their parents at some point in their lives, and the likelihood of doing so rises with age. Caring for a parent in your home is something few people plan for. So, what’s the best way to go about taking care of mom?

Moving your mom into your house is one option, but it’s a major life change and deserves considerable examination. You should take the time to consider all the living options available for her. Senior living communities are designed to provide peace of mind for the whole family. They not only meet the needs of busy or out-of-town adult children by providing their relatives with a safe, happy place to reside; they can also enhance the life of a senior.

Evaluating Senior Living Communities.

Once you and your mom determine that a senior living community is the best choice for her future, it’s important to educate yourself on the many options available. There are so many areas to consider, it may be difficult for you to begin to know where to start. Your mom will be the focus of your attention as you both determine the right questions to ask to find the ideal community for taking care of mom.

Differences Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities.

The main difference between assisted living and skilled nursing communities is that assisted living communities provide personal care and assistance with housekeeping, medication management and personal care, while skilled nursing communities also provide round-the-clock skilled care and medical support.

Both types of care levels offer activities, programs and amenities tailored to residents’ needs and preferences. Skilled nursing will provide a higher level of personal and medical care, such as administration of injections, managing ventilators and intravenous feedings. Residents in skilled nursing communities usually require help with the majority of their self-care needs.

Skilled nursing care can come at a higher cost than assisted living, but it is a good option if your mom needs 24-hour supervision and medical care, someone else to prepare her meals, rehabilitation services and assistance with daily living activities.

At Tiffany Springs, assisted living and skilled care communities are designed for comfort and luxury. As one of the newest and most upscale retirement options in the Northland, both our communities feature ample sitting areas with comfy couches for relaxing and socializing. Here, your mom can enjoy gourmet meals in restaurant-style dining rooms, work out in our gym or yoga studio, relax in our pool and Jacuzzi and get pampered in our spa.

What Services Are Offered in Memory Care?

Memory care communities are designed for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Within this security-protected environment, residents can participate in social and fitness activities customized for their abilities. Spaces and services help residents feel more comfortable and at ease in a homelike environment. A professional nursing staff trained in cognitive, behavioral and physical symptoms works with the residents, their family and their physicians to make sure they are well cared for, safe and secure.

Tiffany Springs has a carefully chosen, experienced memory care team that includes a health and wellness director, clinical licensed nurses and certified nurses, and a life enrichment director. Your mom’s day will be comforting and reassuring thanks to familiar patterns and routines. We honor the preferences of the individual as a way to encourage their independence and maintain their skills.

In addition to chef-prepared cuisine, your mom will also experience all the amenities of our assisted living and skilled nursing communities along with social interactions, creative outlets and outdoor therapy in our secure landscaped courtyard.

We welcome questions from both you and your mom about our continuing care community. Call for a personal consultation today: 816-621-3800.