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Senior Rehabilitation in Kansas City, MO

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Lotus Recovery & Rehabilitation

Healing the Body & Spirit

Lotus integrates high-quality conventional health care of the highest standards with holistic wellness programming.

Joint replacement and orthopedic injuries | Stroke and neurological conditions
Pulmonary impairment | Post-surgical recovery and wound care

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Therapy Gym Made for Seniors

Regain as much independence as you can. The game-based exercise equipment in our fitness center, along with areas where you can simulate real-life tasks, will help you build strength, balance, competency and confidence.

When rehabilitative exercises feel like fun and games, people work harder and have more successful outcomes.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Therapy, nursing, social services, and traditional recreational activities in our healthy environment will prepare you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep up with daily activities once you leave our care.

Take advantage of:

  • Lifestyle and leisure programs and library
  • Educational classes
  • Private consultation

Working together, we’ll make sure your recovery and independence will be healthy and long-lasting.

Your Furnished Private Bath & Suites

A resident's extended stay room with a raised bed, dresser, and open window

A resident's extended stay room with a white bedspread, window to the courtyard and a television

A resident's extended stay room with a television facing the bed and a window to look out at

For senior rehabilitation in Kansas City, Missouri, Tiffany Springs has a better way of getting better.

Tiffany Springs Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is located on the same campus as our senior living community:
9191 N. Ambassador Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64154