Redefining Wellness: How Senior Living Communities Provide A Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors

When it comes to the big choices in life, a variety of options can seem daunting. For many older adults, that can certainly be the case when it comes time to make the big decisions about retirement. Some retirement communities offer only independent living. Some offer only assisted living. Others, like our community here at Tiffany Springs, offer a continuum of care, so if or when it comes time to ensure successful aging, you’ll stay within the community. The right senior living community can provide a sense of purpose and belonging as well as health care if you ever need it. But how can you ensure that you are making the right decision?

The process starts with a thorough understanding of the types of senior living communities that are available and the type of care they offer. We’ve provided an in-depth look into retirement options and how they support a healthy lifestyle for seniors.

Independent Living

There is a common misconception that senior living communities are for people who need round the clock care, but for most, that is simply not the case. If you want to enjoy a lifestyle where you can pursue your interests without the burden of household chores, then independent living is right for you. These communities trade the worries of homeownership like basic utilities, maintenance and landscaping, for the comforts of home. Most independent living communities are designed to feel and function like a personal home, while giving you opportunities to participate in activities like social gatherings and excursions.

Nearly all independent living communities have a minimum age requirement, which can range from 55 to 62. This ensures that you won’t end up living next door to young adults or children so you can really enjoy your retirement. Instead, you will be surrounded by others in the same stage of their lives as you. Independent living communities may also offer amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, even a golf course or other clubs and interest groups. Other services may include on-site spas, beauty and barber salons and basic housekeeping and laundry services. Most communities today are even pet friendly. Residences can come equipped with a full kitchen if cooking your own meals is what you like. But there are also other dining options, like restaurant-style dining and a culinary team that creates personalized nutritious meals. Dining plans are customizable, so if you want to eat breakfast at home but don’t want to make lunch and dinner, there’s a plan that caters to you.

The good thing about independent living is that it’s completely customizable to the type of lifestyle you want to live. There are endless options when it comes to dining plans, monthly service plans, fitness plans, and what type of residence you want to live in.

Apartment Living

Most senior living communities offer maintenance-free apartment living. You can choose a floor plan and apartment building with all the amenities you want. Apartments can come in multiple sizes and floor plans, so you can have an extra bedroom for guest. Many senior living apartments include storage areas to accommodate holiday decorations or other items that are not often used.

Since you’ll be living in a building with other residents, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the community through a wide variety of resident-directed clubs and social and cultural opportunities in shared spaces throughout the apartment building.

Individual Homes

Many senior living communities offer the option of an individual home. In this situation, you may either rent or own an entire house, usually with one to three bedrooms. Typically, senior living communities that offer individual homes are designed with the needs of aging residents in mind, allowing them to age in place. This is an appealing option for those looking to keep their independence and privacy while living in a community surrounded by people alike, or those who want to ensure they have options for their needs to be met in the event of a health concern.

Most communities, like Tiffany Springs, tend to be located near shopping centers, restaurants, churches, recreational areas, and entertainment. Independent senior living communities are a great start to a healthy lifestyle for seniors.

Assisted Living

As a resident’s care needs increase from what is available in independent living, assisted living serves as the next level in care and services. Assisted living is designed to support residents and their individual needs. The services provided by assisted living vary from person to person, as plans are customized based on the needs of the resident. Residents have help with the daily tasks of life, like managing medications, dressing and bathing, as well as services like housekeeping and dining. Staff is available 24/7 to help with safety, care and support.

Residents are evaluated when they move in, so they can get a personalized care plan to meet specific needs and make their care truly their own. In assisted living, you can expect that you or your loved one’s needs will be met as those needs change. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 70 percent of adults older than 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives.

Most assisted living accommodations range from studios to one- and two-bedroom apartments with kitchens. These private residences usually have secured surroundings and staff on hand.

Memory Care

In addition to all services listed above, memory care offers 24-hour specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Communities typically feature safe, secure and uniquely designed environments where staff can closely monitor the health of the memory care residents. You’ll also find programs, activities, and events that are designed to help memory care residents work on their cognitive skills, while also getting to enjoy interests and hobbies. Staff are specially trained to provide the quality care needed for seniors with memory loss. Memory care communities typically offer:

  • A secure environment to prevent wandering
  • Experienced staff, trained in dementia care
  • Memory-enhancing therapies
  • Unique layouts to reduce confusion
  • Low staff-to-resident ratio
  • Person-centered dementia care
  • Coordinated care with other health care providers

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Care

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation care are a great choice for planned surgeries or accidents requiring surgery and professional care. Skilled nursing provides patients with the most comprehensive care you can receive outside of a hospital. Seniors in a skilled nursing community may receive short- and long-term care for various types of rehabilitation, whether it be recovering from an injury or specialized care for ongoing health concerns.

Rehabilitation care provides 24-hour nurse supervision, activities, meals, wellness programming and health management support to residents after a surgery or hospital visit. Nursing staff collaborate with the resident’s physician to develop personalized care plans and work with them daily to ensure first-rate outcomes.

A full range of rehabilitation services are typically provided. Some include:

  • Cardiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Gerontology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
  • Wound care

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

CCRCs, also referred to as Life Plan Communities, are senior living communities where residents have access to multiple levels of care on a single campus. CCRCs are designed for seniors to age in place, providing peace of mind knowing they will not have to move far if health concerns arise.

Most CCRCs include independent living, assisted living, memory care support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. By offering all these services in one community, residents can stay at one place as their needs grow. There are many other benefits to moving to a CCRC, like opportunities to engage in life-enriching activities, and a rewarding environment for seniors who strive to keep their minds and bodies in shape. CCRCs can go from supporting your vibrant, independent life to supporting crucial health care concerns.

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