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Downsizing Tips For Seniors

We get it. Downsizing is a word that, in the context of moving into a new home or new chapter of your life, can seem pretty scary. Most people don’t get feelings of excitement or joy when they feel like they have to choose which items stay or go.  However, taking small steps toward the ultimate goal of living with fewer belongings makes downsizing a breeze.
downsizing infographic


Your new home

Have you picked out where you or your loved one will be moving? If yes – then great! This will help in many ways. If not, it’s encouraged to commit to a new living situation before starting the downsizing process. Knowing the details of your new home will help eliminate the fear of the unknown. For example, if you are moving somewhere with meals being prepared for you, you won’t need to keep cookware and utensils around. Or perhaps you find out that your apartment comes with a parking garage, so you may want to hold off on selling your car. Having as much information as possible before you begin downsizing will make it clear how much downsizing is actually necessary.


List It Out

If a new home is decided on, you’ll want to start off the downsizing journey with a little planning. Try listing off each room of your home first, then go to each of those rooms and start making a list of items you see that you can either sell or give away. Once you have done this for each room, print off multiple copies of the lists to give to anyone who may be helping with the process. If you are a friend or family member helping out, being present for moral support and redirecting focus during the list making process can make a potentially stressful experience better.


Pick, Pack and Go

The day you decide to start picking and packing up items to sell, pass on to family members or donate may be filled with emotion. It also will probably take longer than a day. So just take on one room at a time. If time is limited, you can speed up the process by providing the lists for other rooms to helpers. It is inevitable that you or a loved one will have second thoughts about giving away certain items—and that’s okay. Take a moment to consider why this item was put on the list in the first place. Maybe that item is already provided at your new residence, or you have duplicates of it.



Sorting a lifetime of belongings and memories can feel overwhelming. But, giving yourself time to find a new home, create a plan with lists and taking on one room at a time will have you reaching your downsizing goals in no time! If you find yourself short on time, don’t forget to call on friends and family members or a professional downsizing crew to help out.

downsizing infographic