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Questions to Ask When Touring an Independent Living Community

Questions to Ask When Touring an Independent Living Community

If you’re asking yourself whether or not independent living is right for you, then it may be time to find out more information. By visiting communities in person and asking the right questions, you’ll find out what makes independent living different across communities and what makes it so popular.  If you’re ready to discover more, start with this short list of questions.



Establish your health needs and concerns.

Questions to ask
  • What happens if I need more care than independent living provides?
  • Is there a registered nurse or other medical professional available?
  • Do you provide transportation to doctors’ appointments and medical centers?
  • If I have a long-term stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, do you hold my residence?
  • How often is your staff trained to deal with medical emergencies?



Most often, communities will invite you to experience their dining. If you do not plan on cooking your meals, sitting in on a meal is a great way to find out if you’ll enjoy their food.

Questions to ask
  • How often are the menus changed? Do I have a choice in selections?
  • If you have an allergy or food restriction: How do you allow for exceptions from the regular menus?
  • How much of your food is freshly prepared on the premises? How much is shipped in frozen?
  • How long has your executive chef worked in food service?
  • What meals are included in monthly rent?
  • Are meals served buffet- or restaurant-style?
  • If I’m unable to come down for a meal, do you offer apartment meal delivery?
  • How close is the nearest grocery store?
  • Does your community have a café or similar casual dining option?



Policies and procedures should be well documented, so ask for copies to read on your own.

Questions to ask
  • Can you give me a copy of your lease contract that details all fees, rules and regulations?
  • What services are considered extra? How are they billed?
  • What fees do you charge?
  • How do you handle instances if a resident is either late or unable to pay?
  • What circumstances would force a resident to move out?
  • If it is a pet-friendly community: Is there a pet fee?



Does the staff greet you as you walk by? Do they seem to have a genuine interest in the residents? Are they helpful in answering questions and requests?

Questions to ask
  • How much experience does your executive director have in senior living?
  • What training and background checks are required of staff?
  • What do you do if a staff person takes the day off?


Take note of the various details inside the apartments and common areas. Is the overall look and feel appealing to you? Do the outside features such as gardens, sidewalks, and courtyards seem well maintained? Are there any “out of order” amenities, such as a broken elevator?

Questions to ask
  • Am I able to bring my own furniture or do apartments come furnished?
  • If the building is older: When was the last time the building was renovated?
  • Is there maintenance staff onsite at all times?
  • What are your parking options?
  • May I have a list of all amenities and services?



Ask to sit in on one of the activities scheduled for that day. Is it well attended? Ask for copies of the calendar.

Questions to ask
  • How are residents informed about daily activities?
  • What activities do you offer that fit my interests and hobbies?
  • If I’d like to go out on my own, do you offer transportation? How is it scheduled?
  • Are there any established clubs within the community?



Take as much time as you need to view the different apartment, common rooms and outdoor spaces. Do you see safety locks on the windows and doors? Emergency exits clearly marked? Overhead sprinklers? Smoke detectors? Do you see broken equipment? Tripping hazards?

Questions to ask
  • Is the front desk manned at all times?
  • How are visitors able to enter after hours?
  • Are the outdoor courtyards secure?
  • May I have a copy of your documented emergency procedures?



Do the current residents seem welcoming and positive? Talk to them, asking how long they’ve lived in the community and what they like best and least about it. 

Questions to ask
  • How do you onboard new residents?
  • Is there a resident council?
  • How are any disputes resolved?
  • How much input do residents have about programs, activities and menus?


We understand that there is a lot of information to worry about, so try asking a family member or friend to go with you to help take notes and evaluate communities with you. Taking multiple tours of the same facility is highly recommended. That way, you can revisit any additional questions that you may think of later.

If you have any questions about independent living at the Tiffany Springs Senior Living Community, we’re always available with answers. Call us. In fact, come for a visit any time. Contact us today.